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Backup and disaster recovery

From hardware failure to a cyberattack, having backup and disaster recovery systems is essential for modern businesses.

Backup and disaster recovery

Unfortunately, no organisation can guarantee that they will not suffer some form of disaster that compromises their data. Investing in, and following, good IT practices will minimise the risks. But by its nature, disaster tends to strike unexpectedly – whether that be from a cleverly socially engineered phishing attack or something natural like catastrophic flooding.

Therefore a level of backup (the simple copying of files) and disaster recovery (strategic systems to get you back online) appropriate to your business is essential to your survival over the long term. Very few businesses can keep going after a severe disaster without these plans in place.

We can help you get this right. We work with businesses that use the M365 (formerly known as O365) environment. We can either set you up with this or help you manage your existing licences. In M365, we can harness this software’s functionality to backup your data in the cloud. And depending on your business’s needs we can also design and maintain physical servers located on your premises to protect against data loss and ransomware.

Use our technical expertise to help you deploy the right disaster recovery solutions for you so that you can maintain operations through good times and bad.