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Windows Virtual Desktop

Transform your business, with a revolutionary virtual desktop experience.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Access everything you need, from wherever you are

You might think of storage and software when you think of the cloud. But Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is changing that notion.  If you are not up to speed with it, you need to find out more.

WVD is the PC’s hardware – RAM, processor, memory, even the operating system – all delivered from inside the cloud. It uses Microsoft’s Azure platform – which you may already know powers most of their cloud offerings.

So with desktop as a service (DaaS), your computer power comes from the cloud. This means WVD is highly scalable in both directions because there’s no need for high-spec computers. If your team shrinks or expands, even rapidly, your computing resource will adapt. And you only pay for what you use.


This not only makes WVD more cost-effective, sharing hardware will save on efficiency. WVD is also more secure. Administrators have more control and there is no longer any reason to save to the device.

WVD works far better than older virtual machine solutions. Whether the time is right for you now, or further down the line, we believe WVD is the future for businesses. Tailoring DaaS to best suit your goals is what really gives it limitless potential. So when you are ready, or you just want to find out more, talk to us about it.